Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to Room 2 Isleworth School

Monday 19 July 2010.
Room 2 is Awesome! We have 22 brilliant students (in so many different ways they are brill!) that began their Term 3 Journey today. We are challenging ourselves to be self managing, reliable, high functioning learners.

This Blog is all about us, by us, for us, but also for our parents and caregivers so they can see what we get up to in our classroom. Please make comments or share your ideas about what you see. We would love to hear from you.

Is our learning like yours is/was? Our Inquiry this year is "Windows on the Past... Doors to the Future." In all we do this year, we will consider how have things changed over time, and how will our knowledge of the past help us to make our futures bright and successful.

Our focus this term is also on FUN, EXCITING and COOL learning.... Today we were cool to start with because we sat outside for an hour learning about the cold.... Brrrr!!!

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  1. it was cold but fun in a way after sitting down for ages when i stood up my legs felt dead cool ay